About Us

PeachyClean’s Mission

Our mission is to be the best in the cleaning industry. We use our professional knowledge and experience to deliver the finest cleaning services available and assure our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

The PeachyClean Team

We have a great bunch of team members. We bring decades of experience in the commercial and residential cleaning business to PeachyClean.  Our team has learned through trial and error what is critical for our clients when it comes to providing cleaning solutions that back our PeachyClean promise.  We understand because our team members have been on both the delivery side of the cleaning business as well as the hiring side.  We have worked in both private and public sectors and understand what is required to provide the right level of training, certification and supervision to get the job done right.  Our goal is to make each and every environment PeachyClean.

PeachyClean is a certified minority-owned business (DBE, EDE, WBE, SBE, RPP) and all of our employees are bonded and fully insured.

Why Choose Us

We have a great bunch of team members. We bring decades of experience in the commercial and residential cleaning business to PeachyClean.

The PeachyClean Process

PeachyClean’s process grows out of our values of responsiveness, transparency, professionalism, and honesty.

PeachyClean’s Values

Transparent. Responsive. Professional. Honest.

Our Values are the building blocks that allow us to deliver on the
client-centered quality service
Every day.  On every job we do.

First, we operate with transparency in our business practices so that our decisions, actions and interactions are clear and understandable. Second, is responsiveness.  We treat each client with prompt attention to assure a successful partnership is established and sustained.  We make regular phone calls to our customers, as well as visit job sites to see if there is anything we should improve. Third, we operate in a professional manner. We do this by establishing clear and open lines of communication for ease of interaction during the entire cleaning process.  And finally, honesty.  In situations, good or bad, when you are honest you will find the right solutions.

Client satisfaction is the most important consideration at PeachyClean.

The Chief Peach

Ronny Thompson

Ronny Thompson, CEO & Founder of PeachyClean, grew up in a happy, loving household of nine siblings.  His mother, Ina, ran a tight ship.  All of the children were assigned weekly chores and expected to perform them… with quality… and without complaint.  (Ask Ronny about the time his mother showed up at basketball practice to drag him home to finish the dishes.  He was sixteen.  The cheerleaders were not impressed.).

Unfortunately for Ronny he was one of the youngest of the siblings.   This meant he not only had the “opportunity” to complete his own chores to Ina’s strict standards but sometimes those of his siblings who didn’t want to do their chores.

Ronny learned to clean.

Today Ronny believes that whatever you do should bring you satisfaction.  He not only knows how to clean but how to have a positive attitude in the process and share that with those around him.  He uses his philosophy to ensure that clients and employees alike are happy with PeachyClean.  As the head Peach in the bunch Ronny will tell you that while people may think they can clean, his organization brings it to a whole new level of professionalism.  And that makes Ina very happy too.