PeachyClean is your partner in property management.

An apartment building or complex brings unique cleaning challenges that PeachyClean fully meets.  When common spaces are always clean and tidy, residents feel more motivated to maintain their spaces, and visitors are impressed too.  Whether you’re managing one apartment building or an apartment complex, PeachyClean makes your place a real home.

Those common spaces absolutely must be maintained in a clean, neat way.

Anyone walking into your building needs to feel immediately welcome, and nothing does that like polished floors, gleaming surfaces, and smudge-free glass.  PeachyClean specializes in keeping stairwells scrubbed and odor-free.  We pay particular attention to high-contamination areas like elevator buttons and door handles.


If you manage an apartment complex, you may well need PeachyClean’s expertise in the variety of common areas you provide for your tenants’ health and well-being.

And when renters leave, PeachyClean can do a deep-clean of the apartment so that it sparkles for the new tenant, helping you to minimize the time that an apartment sits empty.

PeachyClean is a certified minority-owned business (DBE, EDE, WBE, SBE, RPP) and all of our employees are bonded and fully insured.

Fitness and Recreation Facilities

Our specially-trained employees can maintain your fitness and recreational facilities at the highest standard.Detailed cleaning of locker rooms and showers, as well as fitness equipment, and cleaning to eliminate that stale sweat odor give your tenants and their guests a clean and healthy space to exercise.And we will work with you to provide our janitorial service when it is least disruptive to your tenants’ use of the facility.

Lobby and Meeting Rooms

PeachyClean’s committed employees keep floors and surfaces sparkling, and if there are metal mailboxes, they will shine.Any furniture, including upholstered chairs and coffee tables, will be dusted, wiped down, and spot-cleaned if necessary.Meeting rooms will be maintained at the same high standard, and any computer or electronic equipment will be dusted.If you want that equipment thoroughly cleaned, we can arrange to do that as an add-on, too.


We’d love to help! Contact us today and we can discuss how we can best help you.