With PeachyClean, all areas of your medical facility will not only look and smell clean, they will be antiseptic.

From your waiting rooms, to the restrooms, to the examination rooms, PeachyClean becomes part of your patient care team. PeachyClean understands that medical facilities require particular attention to assure patients and personnel have an environment where contagion is minimized.

We work with you to provide the best hygiene, most thorough sanitation, and appropriate disposal of medical waste.

PeachyClean is your partner in controlling the spread of infections.  With concerns about norovirus, MRSA, and severe flu strains growing, PeachyClean can help lessen the spread and impact of communicable diseases.  PeachyClean personalizes the cleaning for your medical facilities, creating a microbiologically safer environment. PeachyClean uses antibacterial microfiber cloths and high filtration vacuums to maximize hygiene.

PeachyClean is hipaa CONSCIOUS.

Employees are educated about HIPAA confidentiality requirements and respect that with any patient information with which they may have incidental contact. Continuous monitoring and frequent inspections are conducted by management.

The cleanliness of your medical facility is part of patient care. PeachyClean uses our professional knowledge and experience to deliver the finest cleaning services available, so you can continue providing the finest patient care.

Medical Facilities Cleaning Services

  • Scouring and disinfecting all sinks
  • Cleaning all exam surfaces with an antibacterial agent
  • Disinfecting high-use items like door knobs, etc.
  • Washing floors with disinfectants

Medical Facilities we Clean

  • Medical professional offices–Physicians, Dentists, Physical Therapists and others
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Clinics – Family Planning, Dialysis, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and others
  • Urgent Care Centers and Outpatient/Ambulatory Surgery


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