Your retail business relies on your customers’ good will.

PeachyClean helps you to cultivate it by providing a store that is clean, neat, and attractive.  When floors and surfaces are polished, and the product is presented without dust or distractions, your customers will want to buy!

PeachyClean is your partner for profit.  Customers notice clean facilities, especially dressing rooms and restrooms.  We enhance your reputation; we support your brand and help assure repeat business.

Customers are not impressed when your premises seem dingy and neglected

So while you’re paying attention to growing your business, let us pay attention to dust that can accumulate in corners, or cobwebs that can form, almost instantaneously.

PeachyClean can make your floors shine, whatever their material, or we can vacuum the carpets, spot-treat any stains, and make them look new.

At PeachyClean, we specialize in high-traffic areas, so your carpets look uniformly clean and attractive.

Attention to Detail!

Our employees bring a great attention to detail, and our management does too. We will clean shelving, dust and tidy product if desired, and work to assure your customers have a relaxed, enjoyable shopping experience. Repeat business for you is good business for us!

Healthy Shine!

PeachyClean retail cleaning specializes in polishing all high-contamination surfaces to a healthy shine. Lots of hands come into contact with counters, mirrors, and other surfaces, and some are bound to be those of people with colds or flu.


We’d love to help! Contact us today and we can discuss how we can best help you.