We specialize in providing top-notch, reliable, and thorough post-construction cleaning services.

You’re finishing your contract at a site, and you’ve made every effort to finish on-time and on-budget before you move on to the next job. The last thing you want to do is to expend more of your own skilled employees’ time and energy on cleaning up the site and tidying up the building for habitation, particularly if that means bringing on temporary help or paying overtime.

Your construction will be invitingly move-in ready, polished to a high gloss.

PeachyClean has a lot of experience in this area, and has employees trained to clean down every nook and cranny, remove every trace of sawdust, every window sticker, every bit of excess adhesive, to make sure that everything tracks as it should, that every surface has been scrubbed clean and ready for use. We use the right products to protect materials while bringing them to an attractive finish, and we use “green,” environmentally friendly products when appropriate.

Depending on local laws and ordinances, there may be incentives for construction businesses to use green products. Call PeachyClean for details, if you are not familiar with these incentives.

Post-Construction Clean-Up Services By Room:

  • Wash walls to remove dust, dirt, scuffs, smudges
  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans
  • Clean all trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames
  • Dust all handrails, mantels, and other various woodwork
  • Clean the sides and tops of all doors
  • Scour any paint, mud, and debris from hinges
  • Wash interior masonry, tile and other hard surfaces
  • Vacuum carpet, making sure to get into the corners and edges
  • Clean floors (including buffing, waxing, sealing, if appropriate)
  • Clean windows (glass, tracks, frames) and remove any stickers
  • Clean light fixtures and bulbs
  • Clean electrical switches and outlets
  • Clean inside all closets and cabinets, and on top of shelves
  • Remove drawers to clean underneath
  • Wipe down all blinds/shutters
  • Remove and dispose of all trash
  • Remove and dispose of any protective plastic film
  • Clean doors
  • Vacuum and dust entryway
  • Clean exterior lights and remove any stickers
  • Vacuum, dust, and clean shelving and drawers
  • Clean cabinet doors, tops of cabinets, glass, etc.
  • Scrub countertops, edges, and back splashes
  • Dust mop walls and floors
  • Clean excess caulking, adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets
  • Clean appliances inside and out (and under!)
  • Remove all packaging, plastic, labels
  • Scrub cabinets inside and out
  • Clean excess caulking, adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets
  • Clean toilets
  • Dust mop walls
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Remove any stickers from toilet, bathtub, sink, etc.
  • Remove all packaging, plastic, labels
  • Clean appliances inside and out
  • Sweep and/or vacuum floors
  • Wipe clean furnace, water heater, and other utilities
  • Clean cabinets inside and out


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