Fire damage remediation is labor intensive and highly specialized.

A timely response is essential, and PeachyClean can answer your need promptly.  We have the specialized help and equipment to get you back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. There are different kinds of fire, and effective treatment of the damages depends on what materials were burned.

The longer soot and chemicals released by the fire go untreated, the more damage they can inflict.

The sooner you act, the likelihood of a possible restoration increases.

Glass windows can become etched by the chemicals. Smoky odors can penetrate more deeply into structural materials. The more quickly the mess is cleaned up and treatment begins, the more fully and inexpensively the building can be restored.

Naturally, there is also likely to be water damage from its having been used to put the fire out.

First Steps

As with water damage, make sure that the building is structurally safe to enter before beginning to assess the damage. Call PeachyClean for professional help!

PeachyClean’s well-trained and experienced staff can help you salvage the evidence necessary for your insurance claims. Then, we can move ahead with the specialized equipment necessary to restore your property.

PeachyClean can guarantee that your valuables are properly treated.  For those irreplaceable items, we can minimize the damage.

Further Down the Line

PeachyClean’s specialized staff can make your damaged space ready for reconstruction by removing all the materials that cannot or should not be salvaged, saving you money and time. We can perform the advance interior demolition that is necessary and remove all the damaged materials safely, speeding up the process of making the space habitable.

PeachyClean treats every bit of the structure so that all traces of fire damage disappear–even that lingering odor.  With PeachyClean, you can put it all behind you quickly, safely, effectively, and affordably.


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