Ronny Thompson, CEO & Founder of PeachyClean, grew up in a happy, loving household of nine siblings.  His mother, Ina, ran a tight ship. All of the children were assigned weekly chores and expected to perform them with quality. Without complaint. In fact, when he was 16 she showed up at basketball practice and brought him home to finish the dishes he left undone. In other words, Ronny grew up learning to clean, and clean well.

Today, Ronny believes that whatever you do should bring you satisfaction. He not only knows how to clean but how to have a positive attitude in the process. As a result, he likes to share that with those around him. He uses his philosophy to ensure that clients and employees are happy with PeachyClean. Ronny believes you get what you work for. That’s why he created PeachyClean – to create opportunities for community members to not only make a sustainable living in the cleaning industry, but to also have pride in the work they do.

As the head Peach in the bunch, Ronny will tell you that while people may think they can clean, his organization brings it to a whole new level of professionalism. And that makes Ina very happy, too.

Ronny Thompson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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